The Conservation of Little Wilkes-Barre Mountain

Posted on: April 21, 2017

We are working with the Earth Conservancy and the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry to conserve 1000 acres of Little Wilkes-Barre Mountain behind Wanamie. Once conserved, the property will become part of the Pennsylvania State Forest System. It is a beautiful piece of property!!!

Little Wilkes-Barre Mountain is right at our back door and is a beautiful area to visit either on foot or mountain bike. There are trails and many scenic views.

Little Wilkes-Barre Mountain rests between the Wyoming Valley floor and Penobscot Ridge and is part of the northern terminus of the geological feature known as the Valley and Ridge Province.

Anthracite coal was prospected here but to our knowledge not much stripping or deep mining was done on the mountain itself. Earth Conservancy has done an outstanding job reclaiming the area closer to Wanamie and now there are wonderful native grass fields where mine tailings used to be.

The mountain is home to grouse, bear, turkey, fox, deer, brook trout and a host of other plant and animal species. A southern branch of Newport Creek flows through the property and there are even some beautiful falls to see.

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