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Noxen Depot

Noxen Township • 0.59 Acres

Lehigh Valley Railroad Depot at Noxen

In 1999, the owner of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Depot at Noxen and a group of concerned citizens in Noxen, PA came to the North Branch Land Trust (NBLT) and asked if we would help save their most important community landmark. The structure had fallen into disrepair, and was about to be razed (see photo). The owner offered to donate the Depot to the Land Trust if we would try to save it.

The Land Trust did not have the resources to renovate the building, so we consulted with our state and local elected officials and the Endless Mountains Heritage Region, Inc. to determine their willingness to provide financial resources if the Land Trust and community volunteers would provide labor for the project. Indications were positive, and after completing a feasibility study, we all entered into what we knew would be a long-term project.

Architects Bakker and Lewis have provided expertise for the restoration and have helped NBLT schedule and prioritize advances in the renovation as grant dollars have come available. The exterior of the building is complete, but the doors and windows have not been installed (see photo) for security reasons. Progress on the interior is slow but steady. In 2006, a team of six volunteers led by Chip Sorber painstakingly removed the original interior chestnut paneling from patches throughout the structure, and covered the small Station Master’s office walls with the wood. The Land Trust honored Mr. Sorber as our 2006 Volunteer of the Year in December.

In Spring, 2007 the insulation of the interior was completed.

A recent grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development enabled the Land Trust to continue work on the interior?ordering the remaining wood paneling necessary for the interior walls, as well as other materials for interior improvements?and Mr. Sorber will lead another group of volunteers in the installation of the new paneling in Summer, 2007.

Ultimately, a portion of the Depot facility will host a museum. The railroad in Noxen existed to support transport of ice from a mountain lake, hides to and from the local tannery and tree bark and logs from the Endless Mountains. These industries will be featured in the museum, along with the railroad itself.

When the renovation is completed, the Land Trust or some other suitable organization will operate the museum. To help defray the costs of operations, one of the three Depot rooms may be rented.

If you would like to support this important project through a monetary contribution, gift in-kind, or volunteer work please contact our office.

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