Luzerne County


Bear Creek Village Borough • 230.3 Acres

The Faber property in Bear Creek Township, Luzerne County, is a spectacular example of the southern limit of a boreal northern forest and the northern limit of a southern oak forest. The property has unique natural communities hosting northern trees species such as yellow birch, red spruce, eastern hemlock and balsam fir and southern tree species such as sassafras, pitch pine, white oak, tulip poplar, and chestnut oak. Other natural communities include emergent shrub/sedge wetlands, spring seeps, high-gradient streams with plunge pools and waterfalls, northern conifer forests, hemlock palustrine forests and dry acidic heath woodlands. The Faber Property is adjacent to Pennsylvania State Game Lands # 91 and the conserved 65-acre Bear Creek Lake View.

The tall stands of conifers found throughout the property provide nesting habitat for golden-crowned kinglets and pine siskins, both uncommon breeding birds in Pennsylvania. The acidic heath forest supports an abundance of the plant called fly-poison and is home to the globally rare fly-poison borer moth that is also found on the neighboring Bear Creek Lake View property. The emergent shrub/sedge wetlands host plants like the beautiful flowering rhodora, clubspur orchid and round-leaf sundew; the rare Baltimore checkerspot butterfly, the uncommon green-striped darner dragonfly, and the diminutive northern red damselfly.

The Faber property’s streams, wetlands and vernal pools are protected by conifer riparian forests, thus providing important breeding habitat for amphibians, cold-water fish including native brook trout, birds and mammals. The streams are important clean-water sources for the Bear Creek and Lehigh Rivers. The unpolluted wetland ecosystems support aquatic life such as dragonflies—including a Species of Special Concern in Pennsylvania called the occelated darner—damselflies, fish, reptiles and amphibians.

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