Luzerne County

Keohane (West)

Black Creek Twp. • 69.6 Acres

This property too lies on the south side of Nescopeck Mountain, not far from Keohane East, and has spring seeps, an intermittent stream, steep forested slopes and rocky outcrops. The spring seep and intermittent stream contain the most concentrated flora and fauna diversity, and a natural plant community determined to be of significant conservation value is found along the intermittent stream: soft rush, wool grass, skunk cabbage, water horehound, swamp beggar’s tick, and several species of sedges occur here. Amphibian species such as mountain dusky salamander, northern two-lined salamander, red-backed salamander and pickerel frog were found in the wetland areas.

The surrounding mixed deciduous forest hosts at least 17 species of trees, and wildflowers and plants found throughout this forested mountain setting include New York fern, ebony spleenwort, sessile-leaf bellwort, false Solomon’s seal, round-leaf gooseberry and star flower.

Short-tailed shrews and porcupines share the woods with Blackburnian, pine, and black-throated green warblers, yellow-billed cuckoos and veery, and the eastern box turtle: a reptile Species of Special Concern.

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