Luzerne County

The Sedor Property

Newport Township • 46 Acres

Conservation easement donor Marcella Sedor Kelly says that her father, Peter Sedor, instilled in his children an appreciation for the beauty and value of the family’s land. “My sister, Judy Sedor Becker, and I wanted to preserve our land for future generations to enjoy. We hope it will be used for educational purposes in the future. Rick Koval showed such love for the land that we were convinced North Branch Land Trust was the right organization to help us meet our goals.”

The 46-acre Sedor property is located in Newport Township, Luzerne County. This splendid property is basically an entirely forested parcel of land that consists of deciduous woodlands, forested wetlands and important shrubby edge habitat. Several wet areas occur within the Conservation Area such as streams, vernal pools, a small man-made pond and a lake edge adjacent to Fairchild Pond.

Within the Sedor property are mature trees exceeding 100 feet in height that include eastern white pines, eastern hemlocks and tulip trees. Vivid wildflowers such as red trilliums, gay-wings and hepatica are abundant. A welcome discovery was the beautiful and uncommon woodland lily. Edge habitat of shrubs and small trees provide habitat for migratory bird species such as ruby-crowned kinglets, hermit thrushes and blackpoll warblers. The small streams host dace minnows, crayfish and salamanders such as the northern two-lined, and black-nose.

Marcella Sedor Kelly is a land developer by profession who takes a lucid approach to her work. “It’s appropriate to redevelop land that has already been ravaged by the coal industry, but I couldn’t subdivide and develop land that has been untouched by human hands. We all need to take responsibility for preserving what has been given to us by a greater spirit – it gives us a sense of peace.”

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