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Lenox Twp. • 84 Acres

The Cecil/Wagner Property, near the community of West Lenox in southern Susquehanna County, includes agricultural fields, meadows, deciduous and coniferous forests, a stream and a pond and wetlands. Collectively they host an astonishing diversity of high-quality flora and fauna species along with animals uncommon to this region. Nine animal species found here are classified as Species of Special Concern in Pennsylvania: osprey, northern harrier, great blue heron, Wilson’s snipe and blackpoll warbler; river otter; four-toed salamander; and slaty skimmer, lilypad clubtail and Halloween pennant dragonflies.

The property’s approximately 27 acres of meadows and fields provide the natural ecological requirements and breeding habitat for many nationally declining grassland-dependant bird species such as eastern meadowlark, savannah sparrow, field sparrow, bobolink, horned lark, American kestrel, northern harrier and Wilson’s snipe. The meadow area hosts impressive amounts of wildflowers and goldenrods and attracts as many as 26 species of butterflies.

The spring seeps found along the southeastern edge of the maple forest host beautiful springtime wildflowers, and an ephemeral pool here provides breeding habitat for wood frogs and spotted salamanders. A 12-acre pond hosts resident and migratory birds—osprey, great blue heron, green heron, common merganser, hooded merganser—as well as river otter, raccoon and mink. There are painted and snapping turtles and 31 species of dragonflies including the rare lilypad clubtail. Water from the property flows into the Tower Branch and Tunkhannock creeks which are both tributaries of the Susquehanna River.

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