Wayne County

Randall Lake

Buckingham Twp. • 198 Acres

A magnificent glacial lake is the highlight of this property, located in the northeastern corner of Wayne County not far from the New York border. The property also includes streams, spring seeps, a vernal pool and a hemlock palustrine forest. Collectively, these natural communities support flora and fauna species both common and uncommon in northeastern Pennsylvania. The Property is adjacent to a 945-acre conserved property thus providing extensive wildlife corridors and connectivity.

The property is home to forest dwelling mammals such as southern flying squirrel, short-tailed shrew, black bear and mink along with birds like golden-crowned kinglet, blue-headed vireo and ruffed grouse. Inhabitants of Randall Lake include soft rush, spikerush, seven-angle pipewort, and cardinal flower; swamp spreadwing damselfly and the rare mottled darner dragonfly; pickerel frog, green frog and red-spotted newt; yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and pumpkinseed; eastern floater mussel and an endangered freshwater sponge. The spring seeps found along the western slopes host beautiful springtime wildflowers, including round-lobed hepatica, short-lobed hepatica, blue cohosh, herb Robert and yellow violet.

There are several Natural Plant Communities of Special Concern in Pennsylvania on the Randall Lake Property, and one Threatened individual plant species as well. Five of the bird, animal and insect species already found on the Randall Lake property are also classified as Species of Special Concern in Pennsylvania, and the property certainly has the exciting potential for additional rare plant and animal species.

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